Pictures above of Blade-smith Jonathan Sterling Johnston AKA ( J.S. Johnston ) Kennesaw, GA Knife Maker

First thanks for your interest in our company, products, and services we offer! The founder and designer Jonathan Sterling Johnston has a passion for crafting new knives and also refinishing vintage knives. He has also been a welder and fabricator since the age of 14. He decided to start developing new products for the cutlery industry professionally after several request from friends and family. In Jon's on words,"A knife is just an all around great tool that is used in just about every household". He could have decided to start building anything, but a knife is different they really allow Jon to express his talents and artistic expression. Here at Sterling Knives we get exciteded on every new build commission because the end result will be new and different each time. 

Martial Arts has also became a huge motivation in the founder's life and has highly influenced the designs that go in to several of the pieces that he builds.

Jon uses both hand ground and hand forged methods in the crafting process, and this is usually based primarily upon customer request.

Jon currently is a member of the American Blade-smith Society(ABS), which is an educational organization that specializes in the art of the forged blade. 

Our mission at Sterling Knives is to save as many vintage knives from being discarded as possible, along with creating our own mark in the future of the cutlery industry. So, far we have been successful at this by selling several thousands of pieces across the United States and globally.

Customer's are #1, period end of story and Jon believes in the old way of doing business by treating others the same way he would want to be treated.

Shop with confidence because we will stand behind our products. If you buy a product and it doesn't perform the way we said it would then we will be glad to refund or replace your item. We want to develop a family of customer's we can service for several generations.

Also this site and shopping from this site is a completely secured server.